Avery introducing himself, his wife, Claire, and their dog, Sugaree.

A word from Avery, “Working with plants, alongside nature, gives me such a feeling of purpose. My goal is to breed high quality genetics with positive intention. The act of creation is a great motivator. Thank you everyone for all of your support. Most importantly, thank you to my amazing wife, Claire, for all of her continued assistance and tolerance.”

Olfactory Genetics is owned and operated by Avery McEachern. Avery’s professional career has been directly related to working with plants of various types. He was an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist for 6 years during his time in Philadelphia, managed the landscape at Independence National Historic Park, completed an extensive Permaculture certification course with Toby Hemenway, and has been working specifically with the cannabis plant for nearly a decade.

Avery’s most extensive commercial cannabis experience came from his years of management and role as Director of Operations at Heroes of the Farm. During his time with Heroes, he assisted in the expansion of their operation from about 15k square feet of plant canopy at his arrival to nearly 30k square feet when he moved along. During his tenure he oversaw indoor, full-term outdoor, light-assisted greenhouse, and light deprivation, as well as assisting in large scale breeding projects and pheno hunts.

As with his gardening practices, Avery’s education has focused on environmental stewardship. He received his Bachelor’s of Science from James Madison University, majoring in Geography. He then attended Philadelphia University and received his Master’s of Science in Sustainable Design.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

We’ve appreciated Olfactory Genetics patience, expansive knowledge, and overall professionalism in all aspects of our growing operation. All support and product is delivered with gentle humor and encouragement.

-satisfied customer

Avery was a huge asset at Heroes of the Farm, not only for his intellectual skillset, but also for bringing a high level of accountability and leadership capabilities.

– Patrick pooler (founder – Heroes of the Farm)

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